Lot 83

Extra Large Sculpture by Pierre MATTER untiled signed by the Artist

Estimate: $8,000 - $20,000

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Extra Large Sculpture by Pierre MATTER ( French ) untitled, signed by the Artist.
Pieces of scrap metal to which he gives a second life, mixed with copper, stainless steel, brass and bronze, are transformed into bulls, whales, women or boats, always hybrid, almost possible.
Even his babies, not completely innocents, play in this imaginary world, where machines and technology become as one with the living.
This is the power of Pierre Matter: his sculptures seem so natural they almost make us forget all the cogs and pistons that make up his bestiary.
One almost expects to see them leave their moorings to melt into the crowd and find their partners.

French sculptor Pierre Matter's body of work thematically revolves around the surreal idea of featuring a combination of organic and mechanical materials in one entity. His sculptures reflect a robotic evolution of living beings and animals, transforming their likeness into multilayered cyborgs. The artist's mythological, mechanized creatures re-evaluate the way one interprets lifeforms in reality. The artist says, Even the cows of the mountains are nothing more than milk machines.

Matter adds, the way I blend cogs, pistons, integrated circuits and other accessories of the industrial world into beings, bodies or faces, my sculptures, directly follows from the way human life has evolved in recent times. Of course, we are only at the beginning of an era where the use of machines or micromachines embedded within living beings may well become widespread, but it is already the case that modern life is completely unthinkable without technology.

DIMENSIONS Sculpture: Height 54 inch / 137 cm
                                         Length 28 inch / 71 cm
DIMENSIONS Base: Height 20.75 inch / 53 cm
                                  Diameter Base: 32 inch / 81,5 cm